Steering Group

The ICAT Steering Group provides a forum for representatives of the stakeholders in ICAT to steer and advise on the priorities and the direction of the ICAT suite of data management components. ICAT developers already meet regularly to discuss progress, under the coordination of the manager of the ICAT project. However, as an open-source collaboration, it requires oversight and guidance from stakeholders.

A mailing list for the group is available; anyone can post to this list and anyone can read it however membership is only the steering group.

The Terms of Reference are available

Current membership is:

Alun Ashton (DLS)
Rob Clarke (CLF)
Steve Fisher (ICAT Project Manager – but no vote)
Andy Gotz (ESRF and chair)
Tom Griffin (ISIS)
Catherine Jones(Secretary)
Rolf Krahl (HZB)
Brian Matthews (STFC)
Jean-Francois Perrin (ILL)
Milan Prica (ELETTRA)
Shelly Ren (ORNL)