Four new calls added to both java and python APIs

  • Added call isReadOnly to determine readOnly status.
  • Added call isTwoLevel to determine if two both main and archive storage are in use.
  • Added call getSize to determine size of datafiles in a DataSelection. If you are using ICAT 4.3 a bug may cause this to be less than the true value.
  • Added call getLink to establish a hard link to a datafile.


Two bug fixes.

  • Throw exception if generated URL might fail (MS Explorer limit is 2048 Bytes)
  • Improved error message


Two small fixes to the python code.

  • The archive call in the python API now works.
  • The isPrepared call in the python API now works.


Updated setup script to make the configure step optional.

  • Updated setup script which now also checks that you have permission to install python site-packages.


This is the initial release.