For two level storage clean up main storage as needed.

  • Add parameters: startArchivingLevel1024bytes, stopArchivingLevel1024bytes and linkLifetimeSeconds.
  • Cope with some obscure file checker errors.
  • Datasets are archived when main storage becomes too full.


Provide background file checking and facility control of returned zip file structure.

  • Another file handle leak fixed.
  • Compatible with plugin interface 1.1.0.
  • Provide background file checking - which requires that the parameter checkFiles.parallelCount is set to an integer. If the integer is non zero then other entries must be set in the ids.properties file.
  • ids.properties needs a new parameter: plugin.zipMapper.class which identifies the code to define the zip file structure.


Bug fix release.

  • Files are now being closed properly to avoid running out of file handles.


Initial public release.