The ICAT Project

The ICAT project provides a metadata catalogue and related components to support  Large Facility experimental data, linking all aspects of the research chain from proposal through to publication.  It includes a number of components, the principal ones being:

  • ICAT: the metadata catalogue itself provides  SOAP and RESTful web service interfaces to an underlying database via an easy to use API. It has powerful search features, a rule based authorization mechanism and it uses plugins for authentication.
  • IDS: the ICAT Data Service which provides a uniform interface to data catalogued by ICAT.   It can be used to upload and download data and supports a wide range of back-end storage strategies via a plugin mechanism
  • TopCAT: a web based GUI able to search across multiple ICAT instances and download data via the IDS.
  • IJP: the ICAT Job Portal to allow submission of jobs  to HPC resources or compute farms where data selection is based on ICAT information and the jobs make use of the IDS for data access.

The Apache Version 2 license has been applied to most of the components.

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Set of ICAT components
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If you reuse this work, please cite it as shown on the DataCite page

Attendees of the 2016 ICAT F2F in Copenhagen

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