ICAT Project


Component Guidelines


These guidelines are for developers of components to encourage uniformity -- especially as seen by the installer and the user.


  • All java packages should be below org.icatproject
  • All java components must be pure maven builds
  • All java components should make use of the maven site plugin for documentation
  • All java components must make use of the maven release mechanism to generate artifacts to be stored on repo.icatproject.org. This requires that the pom.xml is configured correctly.


  • Installation scripts should be in python compatible with versions 2.4 to 2.7
  • The normal installation mechanism is to download a file xxxxx-n.n.n-distro.zip, unpack it and run setup.py install and uninstalled by setup.py uninstall. Any properties should have a suffix .example appended or be within a directory having a .example appended.
  • the distribution should contain a file README.txt pointing to the top level of the documentation for that component on repo.icatproject.org
  • setup.py may have options -- especially if the component does not really need an xxxxxx-setup.properties file
  • setup.py may be interactive but this should be avoided where possible
  • It should be possible to run setup.py install or setup.py uninstall multiple times without errors.
  • in the case .war and .ear files containing a version number, install should remove the previous one first
  • uninstall should reverse the install except that if two or more components make the same state change upon installation they should not reverse it when uninstalled.


  • All components must make use of the maven site mechanism to deploy a user guide and installation manual as one or more html pages on repo.icatproject.org


  • Unit tests should be written by the developer to test as much as possible of the internals
  • All components should be tested before release by someone other than the person making the last set of changes
  • Testing should ensure that these guidelines have been followed, that the component can be installed and uninstalled as described in the installation manual and that it performs as described in the user guide.
  • If the release notes describe bugs, reported by a user, which have been fixed there should normally be a corresponding system test.