ICAT Project


Configuring the pom.xml


The examples below are derived from the pom file for the icat.server but the icat.server text has been replaced by xxx.yyy to reduce the risk of writing accidentally to the icat.server area.

The maven repository is at https://repo.icatproject.org/repo. Anybody may read it but writing is only available to authorized individuals. The site area (where maven writes documentation for components) is at https://repo.icatproject.org/site.


This file contains URLs and giving the xxx.yyy as an example should look like:



General installation instructions are at https://www.icatproject.org/installation/component

Specific installation instructions are at https://repo.icatproject.org/site/xxx/yyy/${project.version}/installation.html

All documentation on the xxx.yyy may be found at https://repo.icatproject.org/site/xxx/yyy/${project.version}


The groupId should be org.icatproject

The artifactId should be one word (such as topcat) or two separated by a dot such as icat.server (or in this case xxx.yyy)

The version should initially be 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

<properties> section

should contain







where the project.scm.id identifies a section in your .m2/settings.xml -- this will be discussed later.

Specifying the gitUrl simplifies the pom file.

<repositories> section

this should contain



        <id>ICAT Repo</id>




to permit your pom file to find other icat components

<scm>, <issueManagement>, <licenses> and <organization> sections

If you have specified gitUrl in the properties then the following will require no changes:












        <name>Apache License, Version 2.0</name>





    <name>The ICAT Collaboration</name>



<distributionManagement> section

This section is used by maven to identify the site and repository areas and how to write to them. This example should only need the xxx and yyy substituting:












The <id> value, in this case repo.icatproject.org again specifies a section of the ~/.m2/settings.xml file where authentication information is stored.

<build> section

this must start off by defining extensions with a subsection of the form:








the version (2.10) is currently the most up to date but should be changed when something better comes along.

This is followed by a plugins section with a specification of each maven plugin used by the pom. It is good practice to list them all to ensure that you get a know version. If you don't then you will get warnings and error messages and the project may not build.  You will certainly need the plugins for: compiler, site, deploy and release. For the release plugin you might like to specify:









so that the tag does not contain redundant information.


This file must contain at least the following:















where uuu1/ppp1 is the username and password for webdav access to repo.icatproject.org and uuu2/ppp2 is the username and password for your github account. This information will not be transmitted in plaintext.

Testing the pom

The following command:

mvn clean deploy site site:deploy

will produce a snapshot. To perform a release use:

mvn release:prepare

mvn release:perform