ICAT Project



Communication within the collaboration is by means of three googlegroup mailing lists, monthly telephone meetings and a face-to-face meeting about once a year.

Mailing lists

None of these groups include other groups. They are:

icatgroup to which those interested in ICAT should subscribe. It is used to announce new releases, for meeting information and for general discussion on ICAT components.

icatproject-support is for people to post to when seeking support. Anybody can post from within the project or outside. By subscribing to the list it is expected that you will attempt to answer support questions. Don't subscribe to ask questions but to answer them!

Monthly Meetings

These are normally held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 15:00 UK time.  See joining instructions and past meetings and the meetings for 2016.

Face-to-face meetings

See the face-to-face meetings page for a list of all the face-to-face meetings.