ICAT Project


Quick Start Installation

An installer has been created to get people started as quickly as possible and then to provide a decent directory structure for more complex deployments.

The installer is built using  BitRock's cross platform installer InstallBuilder for which they have provided  a license, at no cost, for the ICAT project.

Pick up the one for your architecture from:




Each time major changes are made to the ICAT components a new set of installers are created. Each of these installers has a number. Version 3 corresponds to the latest set of Glassfish components.

Currently you can install the authenticators of your choice, ICAT, and then optionally IDS and TopCAT. In addition you can install some example metadata into ICAT and upload three files so that TopCAT has some data to browse and download.

To make it even easier a couple of option files are provided: options which gives you everything but with only one authenticator (anon -- to give anonymous access) and fulloptions which gives everything -- however you should still login as anon to be able to see the data in TopCAT. In both cases you should edit the first line to give the root password for an installed mysql server. Note that some newer mysql/MariaDB installations allow the unix root user to log in as mysql root without providing  a password. This can be avoided by setting the plugin field to null in the user table of the mysql database.

You can then enter for linux:

./icat-3.0-linux-x64-installer.run --optionfile fulloptions

When the window appears just keep clicking on "forward" as the values have been filled for you. This will give you a very insecure installation as no login is required but it will allow you to get started.

There is currently a bug with unattended mode of installation -- please don't use the "--mode" option.