ICAT Project



Versions and Backwards Compatibility of all ICAT components

Version Numbers

The customary, major, minor and patch version will be used -- e.g. 4.3.0. Major changes which break backwards compatibility should show as a new major version, new functionality as a minor version and the last number, the patch version,  is increased for bug fixes,


Support will only be provided for the highest patch of a minor version.

After minor version releases, the highest patch of the previous minor version of ICAT will be supported for six months. For example 4.2.5 will be supported for six months following the release of 4.3.0

After major version releases the highest numbered previous version for twelve months. For example 3.3.4 will be supported for twelve months following the release of 4.0.0


If one component of ICAT has one or more other components of ICAT dependent upon it  then new releases of that component will not be considered as having been made until all dependencies are working.

Backward compatibility and migration support

A supported migration route (e.g. database migration tools) will be provided to upgrade to the subsequent version of any ICAT component.


It is the responsibility of users of a contrib component to verify the compatibility of the contrib with the other components.