ICAT Project



ICAT makes use of authentication plugins. These have their own version numbers and are maintained separately from the main ICAT. This document exists to tie them together and to provide useful pointers inside the generated documentation. Four authentication plugins are provided: authn_ldap which makes use of an LDAP server, authn_db which uses a database table holding (username, password) pairs, authn_simple which holds password information in a properties file and authn_anon to provide anonymous access. You may also write your own plugin. You will need at least one authentication plugin.

Current release lists the most recent set of artefacts. You are, however, recommended to read the individual component installation instructions first, each of which contains links to its own set of artefacts. Installation for all components follows the same model as explained at Installation of an ICAT Component.

After installing the authenticators of your choice and ICAT itself please also install icat-setup to set up the authorization information and ice to start populating ICAT.

There are four components for the IDS (ICAT Data Service)  The ids.client has a Java and Python client for talking to the ids.server. To deploy an ids.server you will either need the ids.storage_file or you can build your own implementing the ids.plugin.

Finally consider adding TopCAT.