ICAT Project


Snapshot releases

Note that because of the way the web pages are generated for a component the link to the distribution file is always incorrect while the release is a SNAPSHOT.  Correct links are listed below for each component for which a SNAPSHOT is available. "Yes" in the last column indicates that this is expected to be the last SNAPSHOT prior to release.

Component Snapshot Distro Final?
icat.lucene 1.1.1 icat.lucene-1.1.1-20200610.132602-1-distro.zip yes
ids.storage_file 1.4.3 ids.storage_file-1.4.3-20210312.123152-3-distro.zip yes
ids.server 1.12.0 ids.server-1.12.0-20210412.064314-1-distro.zip yes