ICAT Project


Welcome to the ICAT Project

The ICAT software takes data from large scientific facilities - such as particle accelerators - and catalogues and indexes it so scientists can find the data they need and share it with their team.

ICAT is in use at some of the world's largest scientific facilities enabling access to millions of scientific results. The software is free & open-source and has been developed & maintained by an international collaboration for over 10 years.

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Find out more

To find out more about the ICAT project, go to the About page.

Use the web interface

For instructions on how to use the web interface to ICAT - called TopCat - see the user documentation here.

Get help

To get help from the ICAT team, see the Support page.

Install ICAT

To get started installing the ICAT software, go to the Quick Start or Installation Overview pages.

Use the ICAT APIs

ICAT has REST, SOAP, Java and Python APIs to create or access data in ICAT. For more information, see the APIs page.

Develop ICAT

To find out how ICAT works and contribute to its development, see the Developers page.