ICAT Project


Meeting 72 – 27 February 2014


  • Actions from meeting 71 (Steve)
  • Meeting technology (Kunal)
  • Meeting in Dublin in March (Alistair)
  • ICAT roadmap (Steve)
  • ICAT development (Steve)
  • TopCAT development (Wayne)
  • Coordination of IDS plugins (Andy/Christophe)
  • Release and SV for Pandata (Alistair)
  • Issues from ICAT production deployments (Any)
  • AOB (Any)

Notes 72

Present: Milan, Shelly, Ivan, Alistair, Christophe, Anton, Kunal, Tom, Wayne and Steve

Apologies: Rolf

Action 71.0 – there has not been much progress yet with the preparation of the Dublin meeting besides essentials such as a room to meet in. This will be rectified over the next few weeks. It will not appear on the actions list as there will be no further meeting before Dublin. Tom volunteered Jay to talk about integration of ICAT and Mantid and also to talk about his experience (as someone new to ICAT) with the ICAT API.

Action 71.1 – this has now been completed and the first version finalised. Steve will circulate a note with probable time scales for the items on the road map. The time scales may become part of the map when it is next revised.

Action 71.2 – a request has been sent in to the icat-support list Wayne is in discussion with Milan about it. This will be closed.

Action 70.6 – PanData? release 003 has exhibited no problems. This action will be closed.

Action 70.9 – Kunal has been investigation alternative meeting technologies. He has tried a meeting using Google Hangouts with Shelley and Milan and all were favourably impressed. It was noted that it did take a little while to get used to but the functionality was excellent. Kunal will register people as required and will set up a test meeting for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the technology so that the next ICAT collaboration meeting progresses smoothly. This will be in a around two weeks time.

Agenda items except where covered by actions:

Steve reported on ICAT progress and the problems he has been having trying to add a servlet to the icat ear file. He will work around the problem for now with a SOAP interface for the lucene communication.

Wayne reported that he had been discussing the behaviour of TopCAT with Milan. The next release of TopCAT will include data upload.

Christophe explained that the IDS plugin mechanism did not give him the flexibility he needed. He will send a note to Steve explaining what he needs.

The PanData? SV has shown up a problem accessing the ISIS ICAT. This may be a firewall problem somewhere as it used to work. Alistair will follow up on any possible firewall issues. In about 3 week’s time the SV will concentrate on Umbrella.

Tom asked if anybody had seen any odd behaviour with case sensitivity of searches.

Tom will submit his authz rules to the contrib directory.

Alistair has discovered proxyvole to search for and use existing proxy configurations. This will be used in the next SV.

Christophe asked how to record which instrument a dataset is related to now that we have a many to many relation between investigation and instrument. Besides using a DatasetParameter? no other suggestion was offered.

Actions 72


Item Description Assigned Status
72.0 Circulate likely time-scales for the items on the current road map Steve New
72.1 Organise a Hangout familiarisation meeting Kunal New
72.2 Send note to Steve about the shortcomings of the IDS plugin interface Christophe New
72.3 Understand why SV’s fail when ISIS ICAT is contacted Alistair New
72.4 Raise an issue on case sensitivity of searches Tom New
72.5 Add authz rules to contrib directory Tom New
71.3 Invite WP4 of Pandata to provide feedback on their experience of ICAT products Alistair Pending
61.1 Put the simple ICAT browser into contrib when it is ready Tom Pending
60.3 Finalise a release of IJP and send a note to the mailing list Steve Pending