ICAT Project


Meeting 86 – 2 July 2015


  • Actions from meeting 85 (Steve)
  • Component development
    • Waffle.io (Steve)
    • ICAT (Steve)
    • ICAT Manager
    • Python-icat (Rolf)
    • IDS (Steve)
      • FUSE (Condie)
      • Globus transfer (Frazer)
      • SmartClient (Steve)
      • WebDAV (Kevin)
    • TopCAT (Wayne)
    • IJP (Brian R)
    • Installation (Steve)
  • Issues from ICAT production deployments (Any)
  • AOB (Any)


Present : Steve, Wayne, Kevin P, Brian R, Alex PD, Frazer, Chris, Jens  and Paulina Karp.

Apologies: Rolf and Tom G

  • Action 85.0: Notes have been circulated and recording. and links  from the TopCAT V2 sprint review.
  • Action 85.1:  Links and instructions for using the live test version of TopCAT V2 has been circulated.
  • Action 85.5: Asking the Mantid group on how they migrated their wikis is no longer relevant.
  • Action 61.1: Steve will speak to Tom about transferring Fuse to Alex.

General Comments:

  • Steve discussed about Waffle IO. Mentioned about its benefits of being used along multiple repositories and suggested that it should be exploited. Steve has also posted the details of Waffle IO and added a link for the web site.
  • Steve has put up a new 4.5.0 ICAT SNAPSHOT. There are two new features to be found. Firstly old lucene calls have been removed and secondly the way ID’s have been allocated have also been changed.
  • Steve mentioned that there have been several small updates to the IDS to allow it to work with the new ICAT 4.5.0 snapshot.
  • Frazer discussed how Globus Transfer is going very well and is moving along at a sufficient pace. Jens asked if Frazer would be able to have part of Globus Transfer working so that it can either be discussed in length or presented to the meeting with Diamond on July the 13th.
  • Steve’s smart client project is going very well. Steve has tested the smart client over the past few days. From these tests it appears to behave as planned.
  • Kevin informed the group that webdav has edged forward in its development. Test servers are currently being set up for this and he hasn’t encountered any particular problems.
  • Wayne discussed how TopCAT V2 is moving along. There have been 2 sprint review meetings since the last ICAT collaboration meeting. Sprint review 3 was poorly attended.
  • Brian told the team that the ICAT job portal has been deployed on the CLF system. It is currently working without too many issues. There are currently a few interactive jobs working on the system however there was an issue if a customer doesn’t close the session correctly. This causes the interactive jobs to not be correctly cleared up.
  • Steve mentioned that there has been an issue with ICAT at Diamond. ICAT cannot cope with a dataset that had over 1.3 million datafiles. The limit has been pushed up to 250,000 but Steve has said he will need to discuss with Diamond about allocation of datafiles to datasets.


86.0 Discuss with Tom about what should happen with Fuse. If it should be handed over to Alex or not. Steve
86.1 Meet with Jens to discuss the meeting with Diamond about Globus Transfer. Kevin/Frazer
86.2 Send out sprint review 3 recordings and notes to the participants that were unable to attend. Wayne
86.3 Steve to meet with Greg from Diamond about optimizing their datasets. Steve
86.4 Tom to decide who needs to put the simple ICAT browser into contrib. Tom
86.6 Use waffle.io Everyone
85.2 Add a list of current sponsors to the ICAT website Tom
85.3 Migrate ICAT Manager to the ICAT project GitHub Christophe
81.0 Report bug in eclipselink Steve
74.0 Look into JDBC connector resilience with Wildfly Steve