ICAT Project


Meeting 87 – 23 July 2015


  • Actions from meeting 86 (Steve)
  • Component development
    • Waffle.io (Steve)
    • ICAT (Steve) – Should the import/export format also be available in other formats such as XML, YAML and JSON.
    • ICAT Manager
    • Python-icat (Rolf)
    • IDS (Steve)
      • FUSE (Condie)
      • Globus transfer (Frazer)
      • SmartClient (Steve)
      • WebDAV (Kevin)
    • TopCAT (Wayne)
    • IJP (Brian R)
    • Installation (Steve) and revised configured SSL cifers for Glassfish (Kevin)
  • Googlecode migration (Steve)
    • What to do with contrib
    • Wiki – CSMD and old meeting reports
  • Issues from ICAT production deployments (Any)
  • AOB (Any)


Present: Steve, Tom , Wayne, Milan, Kevin P, Kevin M, Brian R, Alex, Rolf and Jianguo Rao.

Action 86.0: It has been decided that Alex is to continue development of Fuse.

Action 86.1: Tom met with the Diamond team to discuss the Globus project. Future plans involve bringing the system on line for initial usage.

Action 86.2: Notes and recording links from TopCAT V2 sprint review 4 and 5 have been circulated.

Action 86.3: Steve has spoken to Greg about the optimisation of their Datasets. Greg wishes for a list of the worst offending datasets so they can be reviewed.

Action 86.4: It has been decided that Alex will put the simple ICAT browser into contrib.

Action 86.6: The team has explored Waffle.io. Continued usage was recommended.

General comments:

  • Steve discussed more about the general benefits of waffle.io and how it can be applied to the projects that currently use GitHub.
  • On the 23rd of July Steve released ICAT and IDS 4.5.
  • Steve mentioned about the future version of ICAT 4.6. The main focus of this update will be extra Lucene searches for TopCat V2. Much of the work has been done.
  • Rolf plans to release a new version of python ICAT within the next week. He currently needs to test the new ICAT 4.5 before release.
  • Frazer discussed how he is currently building Globus against the TopCat V2 API that Wayne has provided.
  • Steve has solved several bugs to do with the Windows version of Smart client. Within the upcoming week Steve will have a Beta release for the Smart Client.
  • Kevin P talked about how WebDav is moving a long. Currently having issues with special characters in files names. It is currently a very time consuming issue.
  • Wayne discussed how there have been two sprint reviews, 4 and 5, since the last ICAT meeting. The 4th meeting was mainly on how items are selected and stored from the browsing area into a local area. The 5th meeting focused on the back end logic. How items are saved to a database and how in the future Globus  will have access to the tables pulled up by the IDS.
  • Brian mentioned that IJP has had a new version release with 3 new components: IJP.Server, IJP.Unix Batch and IJP.demo. The development of IJP for CLF is still in the pipeline and going well. The issue with dangling clients has been solved. The solution also terminates inactive sessions.
  • Kevin discussed the issues we are currently having with the SSL ciphers we use. RC4 is no longer secure and has been removed from the open JDK. There has also been a new release of FireFox 39 which has caused compatability issues with the diffie hellman cipher. This has stopped certain users from accessing the ICAT installations website.
  • Possible replacements to RC4 were discussed including one of the AES ciphers however issues with speed were brought up and the point requires further research.
  • The google code migration is nearly complete. There are a few more parts that need to be moved over including contrib. Different solutions as to where put contrib were discussed. The favourite option was to push all of remaining code onto a github repository and then trim off any code that is not relevant any more.
  • Steve has cleared up the ICAT wiki and has removed out of date sections.


87.0 Run DOI script for all recent releases. Steve
87.1 Test installation on OS X Steve
87.2 Look into different symmetric encryption solutions. Everyone
87.3 Move contrib from google code to a suitable replacement location. Steve
87.4 Collect a list of datasets that caused issues with ICAT from Diamond Steve
87.5 Give permission to Rolf to allow write access to ICAT repositry Steve
85.2 Add a list of current sponsors to the ICAT website Tom
85.3 Migrate ICAT Manager to the ICAT project GitHub Christophe
81.0 Report bug in eclipselink Steve
74.0 Look into JDBC connector resilience with Wildfly Steve