ICAT Project


Meeting 94 – 25 February 2016


  • Actions from meeting 93 (Steve)
  • Component development
    • ICAT (Steve)
    • ICAT Manager
    • Python-icat (Rolf)
    • IDS (Steve)
      • FUSE (Alex)
      • Globus transfer (Frazer)
      • SmartClient (Steve)
      • WebDAV (Kevin)
    • TopCAT (Jody)
    • IJP (Brian R)
    • ICAT Dashboard (Alex)
    • Multi-container support (Steve)
    • Installation (Steve)
    • Face to Face meeting for 2016 (Steve)
  • Issues from ICAT production deployments (Any)
  • AOB (Any)

Present: Frazer, Jody, Steve, Brian R, Kevin, Tom, Milan, Andy, Kevin, Peter, Alex dM and Shelley

Apologies: Rolf

Action 93.1 Demo of the dashboard was carried out.

  • Steve reported that a bug was found in the ICAT 4.6 release. The bug only affects the call to update. Advice was to move to 4.6.1.
  • Logging in ICAT 4.7 has been transferred from the Log table to JMS messaging. The logging data will now be captured and processed by the Dashboard. The format of the ICAT JMS messages will be the same as the IDS ones.
  • Tom reported that the Globus server is moving from development to production in the coming month.
  • Jody reported that TopCat has had many small improvements. Mainly aimed towards ISIS requirements. It was also reported that TopCat in the coming month will be pushed into production for both Diamond and ISIS.
  • Alex commented on how the TopCat installation is straightforward and very similar to how other ICAT family components are installed.
  • Alex demonstrated the Dashboard with it’s current features. Feedback was generally


Item Description Assigned
94.0 Create a formal release of TopCat 2.0 Jody
94.1 Provide any requirements for the Dashboard All
93.0 Make screencast of TopCAT demo Jody
92.2 Provide information on LSF’s use and potential future use of ICAT components. Jianguo
85.3 Migrate ICAT Manager to the ICAT project GitHub Alex dM
74.0 Look into JDBC connector resilience with Wildfly Steve