ICAT Project


Meeting 103 – 26 January 2017

Present : Jody, Brian, Tom, Tom, Frazer, Steve, Jeremy, Sylvie,  Andy,  Rolf and Milan

  • Topcat – 2.3 developments presented by Jody includes file upload, plugin api extended, doi plugin almost working now will appear as component soon, daas plugin almost working based on openstack not ready yet, novnc interface,
  • IDS – pull request from Rolf, still waiting for Steve to answer – high on Steve’s list
  • icat server – 4.9 will come out in 4 weeks, next release of python icat will be 0.13 depends on on icat server 4.9, Payara needs new releases of all components, will drop some components from python icat (cgi module and icat 4.2)
  • HZB – currently evaluating a storage system
  • ESRF – new beamlines (BioSAX + MX) + IDS design for ESRF storage still on going. Rolf offered to help and visit the ESRF next month.
  • Thematic services – Andy briefly presented the proposal to integrate icat as a service in the EINFRA12a e-infrastructures proposal. Rolf, Tom + Steve are on board. Andy + Tom (Griffin) would be the proposers.
  • e-logbook – brief discussion about e-logbooks and if they should be linked to



Item Description Assigned
102.1 Send message to icatgroup explaining proposed modification to plugin interface for IDS locking Rolf
102.2 Produce new releases of IJP components Brian R.