ICAT Project


Meeting 107 – 25 May 2017


  • Actions from meeting 106 (Steve)
  • Component development
    • ICAT (Steve)
    • ICAT Manager (Alex)
    • Python-icat (Rolf)
    • IDS (Steve)
      • FUSE
      • PollCat (Frazer)
      • SmartClient (Steve)
      • IDAV (Tom Gowland)
    • TopCAT (Jody)
    • IJP (Brian R/Alastair)
    • ICAT Dashboard (Tom Gowland)
    • Multi-container support (Steve)
    • Installation (Steve)
  • Review of website (Andy)
  • Next F2F Meeting
  • Issues from ICAT production deployments (Any)
  • AOB (Any)

Present: Steve, Brian, Frazer, Kevin, Stuart Pullinger, Milan and Peter

Apologies: Rolf, Alex, Andy, Sylvie, Tom Gowland and Jody

Actions from 106

None have been addressed

Component Development

ICAT – Steve reported that he has started work on releasing those components that have been tested on Payara; but he will not announce until all are complete. Some problems were encountered as some components had not been updated since the move to repo.icatproject.org.

Having tested the ICAT performance (using the DLS ingest code) on ICAT 4.6, 4.8 and 4.8, Steve found that they are all roughly the same; however 4.9.0 is significantly slower with icat.lucene enabled and deployed on the same machine. He will continue the investigation but will not delay releases, though 4.9.0 will carry a warning.

ICAT Manager – Stuart reported that the link on icatproject.org is broken. It will be reported.

IDS – Steve has not yet had time to sort out whatever is stopping Rolf carrying out IDS development, and suggests that an independent attempt at deployment may be informative. A number of bug fixes have been prepared, mostly to improve performance. The behaviour of the Oracle query planner seems to suggest that LIMIT clauses should be avoided when dealing with large tables. The new properties regime for the IDS requires revised versions of the plugins.

IJP – Brian reported that he has been trying a different IJP configuration with the server and batch connector on different systems. This works, but has led to small changes to ijp.demo. He has also revised the documentation for ijp.server (though this has still to be released).

Review of Website

Stuart reported that he has been following the instructions on icatproject.org to install the ICAT components, and estimates he is about half-way through. He has made copious notes on his experiences, and will share them in due course.

Next F2F Meeting

Steve mentioned that we should start thinking about the next F2F meeting; where it should be (co-located with xxx???) and what form it should take . Steve said that he would ask Andy to take this to the steering group.

AOB and Issues from production deployments

None reported. Milan and Peter may be absent for the next meeting, due to an adjacent meeting in Grenoble.


Item Description Assigned
102.1 Send message to icatgroup explaining proposed modification to plugin interface for IDS locking Rolf
102.2 Produce new releases of IJP components Brian Ritchie
106.1 Produce a report detailing the suggested schema changes Steve
106.2 Produce response to Andy’s review and an action plan to address the problems. Steve
107.1 Ask Andy to consider next F2F meeting Steve