ICAT Project


Meeting 112 – 21st December 2017


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  • Sites
  • Previous Actions
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting

Attendees: Stuart Pullinger (SP); Brian Ritchie (BR); Rolf Krahl (RK); Milan (Milan); Andy Gotz (AG)


icat.server (SP)

Nothing to report

TopCat (BR)
  • Better error logging
  • Instructions sent to ESRF on setting poll.delay setting to reduce wait on 2 ^(nd) downloads
  • Treat HTTP the same as HTTPS for downloads in TopCat
  • Improvements to testing and Travis-CI
  • Nothing new to report
  • No release yet
  • Possible new requirement for web interface
Python-Icat (RK)
  • Nothing to report
  • Aim for new release in January
  • Filesystem locking: RK to open pull request in January


Diamond (SP)
  • Problems with Diamond’s infrastructure around ICAT. Not necessarily bugs/issues with ICAT.
  • Problems with user account migration. Highlighted need for better documentation of this procedure and/or recommended best practices.
  • Problems with failed or long data recalls.
  • Assessing new requests from beamlines: for example, re-using a scan name from an aborted scan
  • Working on a DOI landing page


  • RK reminded us of the RDA meeting in March with the 2-day meeting before 19 ^(th) /20 ^(th)
  • AG: Infradev 4 – European Open Science Cloud involvement. Elettra are involved in the consortium. We should discuss in January/February for possible ICAT effort.
  • Milan: Elettra 2.0 confirmed: 6 years funding.
  • RK: we need a plan for taking forward Steve’s suggestions from the Face to Face meeting
  • SP: A meeting will be arranged in January to allocate tasks and set priorities for development of ICAT components
  • AG: We need to quantify the limitations experienced by Diamond in accessing large tables of metadata.


Item Description Assigned
102.2 Produce new releases of IJP components Brian Ritchie
112.1 Grant RK access to github repository Stuart