ICAT Project


Meeting 119 – 26th July 2018


Rolf (RK), Stuart (SP), Brian (BR), Chris Prosser (CP), Maxime (MC), George (GC), Milan (M)


Alex, Catherine

Actions from previous:

113.2 – Stuart to speak to Catherine about this. Probably delayed till after August. Stuart asked if it could be attached to the NoBugs meeting but RK and MC are not attending.

ICAT Components:

ICAT Server (SP):
  • Updated ICAT installation tutorial to use Payara and latest versions
  • Rolf brings up point on proxy configuration for ICAT. Not present in tutorial.
  • Non-ascii characters are not correctly returned from the REST API. RK and SP investigating the cause.
Topcat (BR)
  • Rewritten Topcat getsize to use IDS API.
  • Reference to Topcat.css issue resolved.

IJP (BR), IDS (RK) and Python ICAT (RK) – Nothing to report.

Site Updates

Diamond (CP), ESRF (MC) – Nothing to report

HZB (RK) – Rolf reports he is installing the ICAT components to new machines in August.

Waffle.IO tickets

#87 locking and threading problem in file explorer resolved, could be included in next release. SP says this could be released in September.

RK says he may be able to look at other schema changes in August.
Item Description Assigned


113.2 Organise a meeting for the discussion of a Topcat replacement Catherine Jones
119.1 Review and update instructions for Apache proxy configuration. SP and RK

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 23rd August 3pm UK time.