Paris 2011

Collaboration meeting in Paris 2011


09:45 ILL Holger Gebhard
10:00 ISIS and TopCAT Tom Griffin
10:15 CLF Steve Fisher
10:40 ELETTRA Fabio Bonaccorso
11:15 Discussion on parameters
13:30 Discussion- Reporting in ICAT (usage reporting, scientific stats)
15:30 DOIs at STFC Tom Griffin
MySQL Support
15:45 I2S2? – Personal ICAT Brian Matthews
16:15 Discussion- DOIs

Headline Discussion Points

  • ISIS and ILL to joint release their ICATs ~27th Feb 2007
  • TopCAT and Mantid as the interface for ISIS. ILL own interface
  • Central Laser Facility using ICAT to store laser diagnostic data (not metadata + data)
  • Parameters – agreement to extend types (string, number, DateTime? + int + boolean)
  • Agreed change to parameter search API (simplification without loss of power)
  • ‘Reporting’: ISIS to add system for ‘usage tracking’; ILL interested in more powerful querying (OLAP cubes?)
  • Authorisation model: agreement in principle to add groups and limited rules for instrument scientists
  • Agreement to remove XMLIngest from main API to (optional) plugin API
  • Plans for improvement on documentation and error handling
  • STFC/ISIS will be issuing DOIs to all experiment datasets from 1st March (ILL interesting in doing the same but longer timescale)
  • A basic MySQL version of ICAT is being tested
  • Discussion on whether ICAT is an appropriate solution for storing some palaeontology datasets at ESRF

Actions Record

New Description Resp Status Comment
16.00 Document the meeting TG/AM Done
16.01 Distribute a discussion paper on authorisation model TG 03/2011
16.02 Move xmlingest to a separate package TG icat4
16.03 Prepare a road map for icat4 TG/SN 03/2011
16.04 Provide a design for ‘management’ reporting’ JR i/p 03/2011
16.05 Provide information on BIRT – Business Intelligence HG 03/2011
16.06 Review the API documentation and lead/co-ordinate efforts to improve AM/SF 03/2011
16.07 Provide exemplar documentation of one class in the API SF 03/2011
16.08 Provide an exemplar of enhancements to the API (parameter searching) SF/AM 03/2011
16.09 Provide additional exceptions in the API SF/AM 03/2011
16.10 Provide a discussion paper on the use of DOI with ICAT BM/SN 03/2011
16.11 Extend parameter types to match programming language/NeXus? SF 03/2011



SP Stephane Poirier – Soleil
TG Tom Griffin – STFC
HG Holger Gebhard – ILL
SF Steve Fisher – STFC
AM Alistair Mills – STFC
HJ Heinz-Joesph Weyer – PSI
FA Freddy Akeroyd – STFC
JR Jessica Robinson – STFC
BM Brian Matthews – STFC
DH Dietmar Herrendorer – HZB
CJ Christian Jung – HZB
JF Jean-François Perin – ILL
JX Jamie ? – ILL
AG Andy Gotz – ESRF
JK Jorg Klora – ALBA
MX Magid ? – Soleil


SN Sri Nagella – STFC
RS Richard Sinclair – STFC
FB Fabio Bonnacorso – ELETTRA
RD Roger Downing- STFC
RF Ron Fowler- STFC
GKM Ghita Kouadri Mostefaoui – Diamond