ICAT Project


Meeting 117 – 24th May 2018

Attendees:  Brian (BR), Silvie (SR), Stuart (SP), Rolf (RK), Jamie (JS)

Apologies: Chris (CP), Catherine

Actions from previous:

102.2 – Decided to drop this action but BR will still work on it.

113.1 – Stuart tried out testing script but it froze, hasn’t investigated further. It’s decided to release IDS anyway.

113.2 – New starter who was going to work on Topcat no longer starting in July. STFC are applying internally for graduate effort to work on Topcat and ICAT. If the application is successful, they will start between September and December this year. [Update: STFC have been successful in their application for 1 graduate to work across TopCat and Icat. They will start in November.]

STFC would like to get all the stakeholders together who currently use the different interfaces to TopCat – possibly in person – to discuss the future and the requirements

115.3 – Schema changes are in ticketing system, timetable not required.

116.1 – ISIS tested Topcat 2.4.0 snapshot with no issues. Not tested for diamond yet due to some other system related issues.

116.2 – Diamond download test script was shared.

116.3 – Issue created for conversion of setup scripts to Python 3.

ICAT Components:

Topcat (BR) – Brian released a few new snapshots since last meeting. Latest snapshot should be final release; it just needs testing by diamond.

IJP (BR) – Brian reports that scarf are dropping Platform LSF in favour of Slurm. Brian’s hoping this will be a simple change for the IJP but is unsure yet.

IDS (RK) – Fixed JMS session bug in notification transmitter. The snapshot is considered ready for release.

Site Updates

Diamond (SR) – Diamond production has been updated to use Payara.

ISIS (JS)  – ICAT server updated to from 4.7 to 4.9.1 to fix slow lucene on update calls, which has worked.

HZB (RK) – Rolf reports he’s working on using Docker to deploy the whole ICAT stack. As a first step it seemed too complicated to get each component deployed on multiple machines, so going to start by deploying on one machine with multiple containers.

Waffle.IO tickets

All ‘in progress’ tickets are IDS issues that are in the Snapshot which it has been agreed to be released soon.

Stuart’s going to work on the schema change tickets that were agreed last meeting (#198 and #199), he will make pull request for review once done.

The JMS issue (#202) will be fixed in ICAT server too, Stuart’s going to implement a similar fix as Rolf did for the IDS.

Stuart has had problems testing icat.utils expunged timer issue (#8).

There’s discussion about icat.server issue #201, adding familyName, givenName and affiliation to User. Jamie raises issue of keeping the redundant fullName attribute but it’s agreed this is fine. Schema change is agreed on and ticket is placed into the ‘Ready’ list.

Item Description Assigned
113.1 Look at Rolfs IDS Server and IDS Plugin pull request Stuart Pullinger
113.2 Organise a meeting for the discussion of a Topcat replacement Catherine Jones
116.1 Test Topcat 2.4.0 snapshot for diamond Brain

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 28th June, 3pm UK time.