ICAT Project


ICAT Collaboration Meeting - 28th September 2023



  • Patrick
  • Andy
  • Rolf
  • Louise
  • Viktor
  • Kirsty
  • Alan
  • Alex
  • Allan


Site Updates


  • Working on the MX use cases
    • Deployed for some months, with ongoing testing
    • Contact friendly users next week
    • In a better position that ispyb
    • Room for improvement, possibility to add features beyond ispyb
    • Rolf: Our MX group does not have ispyb, plans to use it, would be nice to use the ESRF methods out of the box
      • Private meeting to discuss? Will need to contact the group
    • ispyb meeting at the end of November
    • Performance was a worry but actually is not bad
  • Issues with downloading files of ~2GB via HTTP?
    • DLS have had people attempting ~TB, but expect these to fail
    • Rolf has had issues, but it was the clientside network (i.e. failed at home, succeeded at office)
      • Alex also has these difficulties from home
    • ESRF IT thinks it could be IDS config - could be a limit?
    • Louise to test on an ISIS file as that's 1 level storage
    • ESRF have GLOBUS, but majority of open data is not visible on GLOBUS via file permissions so is not suitable


  • ICAT still offline, unknown when it will come up
  • Internal Gitlab is back online
  • Lots of upcoming project meetings
  • ICAT components pending release will probably not be until November
    • DLS using ICAT6 but are and can continue to use SNAPSHOTs


No attendees


  • Tried data ingest
  • Sample tracking meeting: perhaps try another week
    • Want ESRF to participate but Alex isn't available, clashes with ICALEPCS
    • Going to send another poll


No news


Still concerns about performance in the DB from Payara6 change

  • Request duplication fix in DG
  • Update Oracle drivers to auto

Component Updates



authn.oidc & icat.oaipmh





No contact from ALBA, SESAME - will have to remove them from authorship if they can't be reached

Deadline Monday evening?


  • Need to address comments from Rolf: Patrick
  • Need to update final diagram: Patrick
  • Check for missing citatons: Patrick


  • DataGateway content needed: Louise
  • DataHub content needed: Alex


  • datagateway/common search api - add reference to this section (non accademic is fine, we can use the webpage): Viktor
  • Python icat: Rolf
  • ICAT+: Alex?
  • Sample tracking: Alex

Science use cases:

  • Cryo-EM needs content: Alex
  • MX needs content (50-100 parameters should be focus of use case): Alex


  • ISIS needs content: Louise
  • ESRF needs figures: Andy
  • HZB needs content: Rolf
  • ALBA: ?
  • SESAME: ?
  • SIRIUS: Allan


  • indico site from previous workshop: ROlf

Next steps:

  • Expand on containerisation: Rolf?


  • Needs expanding


E-logbooks meeting

  • Meeting went well, but need to define next steps soon
  • General idea is that the e-logbook will be treated as another ICAT component (in time)
  • MongDB has a problematic license... Rolf suspects the e-logbook use case is not compliant with the license
    • Derived from GPL, but if you derive from MongoDB you have to use their license
    • CoachDB as an alternative
    • Consensus seems to be that this is not apply to us as we will not be offering MongoDB functionality, we are just using it as a DB which is allowed
  • Test of model federation in DataGateway:
    • Could do this
    • Not planning on anytime soon
    • Would be nice to know if different versions of React can work together in practice

Other meetings

Next Collaboration Meeting

Clashes with International Data Week