ICAT Project


Dublin 2014

Dublin Meeting, Trinity College Dublin, March 2014


ICAT collaboration and its governance – Brian Matthews

Site reports

DESY – Frank Shluenzen

DLS – Alun Ashton (presented by Tom Griffin)

Elettra – Milan Prica

ESRF – Alistair Mills

HZB – Rolf Krahl

ISIS – Tom Griffin

SNS – Shelly Ren

ALBA – Daniel Salvat


python-icat – a library for writing ICAT clients in Python – Rolf Krahl

A domain specific ICAT GUI – Tom Griffin

ISIS authz Rules -Tom Griffin

Authz rules – Rolf Krahl

Mantid and ICAT – Jay Rainey

IRO Viewer – Brian Matthews

IJP for LSF –  Steve Fisher

Experience of the ICAT API and Documentation – Jay Rainey

J2EE containers – Steve Fisher

Status and Roadmap

ICAT Core, IDS and IJP – Steve Fisher

TopCAT – Wayne Chung


  • A good and constructive meeting
  • Tom's domain specific GUI looks very promising
  • Jay liked the speed and simplicity of ICAT4.3 compared to ICAT 3 but requested some  clarifications to the documentation
  • Very few people have actually used the ICAT API.
  • Rolf's suggestion to add an InvestigationGroup was interesting and will de discussed further on the icatgroup list before deciding whether or not to accept it.
  • There was not much enthusiasm for trying other J2EE containers at the moment.
  • The Status and Roadmap presentations were accepted but:

    1. There was no interest in changing the getAPIVersion() to have a more sensible name.
    2. The config operation of the setup scripts should be preserved though should not be required.
    3. There was concern that the Lucene index was a single point of failure in a multi-ICAT setup – it was also pointed out that it could require a lot of memory.
    4. The federation part of TopCAT was considered to be essential by a significant number of people – so multi-ICAT searches will be kept.
  • It was suggested that an existing abstraction of a job system should be used when generalising the IJP. In factthe only one I found was BLAH of which I was aware but had forgotten.
  • Many thanks to John Walsh and TCD for the organisation.